The Dubai Salon

Centrally located in the city's most lively hubs, Salon Des Horologers Dubai is a watch enthusiast's haven. Borrowing from the ingenious concept in Switzerland, it's the sole place in the Middle East to feature artisanal watchmaking at its finest. The salon is also the primary abode for renowned watchmakers when they visit the region. Come and view several horological wonders under one roof, try on a favorite piece, admire their makings, or commission a dream watch at our space.


Salon des Horlogers
Gate Village Building 3,
Capital Club, 2nd Floor,
Dubai, UAE

Mon – Fri

Permanent Exhibition

By Appointment*

A Private Sanctuary

Come visit us at the salon, meet the brothers behind Salon des Horologers and get acquainted with some of the finest timepieces in independent watchmaking today.

Where Independents Thrive

Boasting a completely unique concept, visitors can discover an array of timepieces crafted by independent watchmakers. We have a range of collections at the salon throughout the year and also organize collector gatherings with artisanal watchmakers. This falls in line with our mandate of giving independent and artisanal watchmakers a platform to reach the right enthusiasts.

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