June 17, 2021

Experience the story of this unique project in the master watchmaker’s own words :

When I created the CLASSIC, in 2000, I envisioned it as an instrument from the past: a dashboard from some machine designed in a future that never was. However, for 20 years, it remained a model with simple display and function: hours, minutes and center seconds. Even if I stopped production in 2010, the Classic holds a special place in my career, being the model I produced the most, and since it became a reference for my works, I wanted to pay it a tribute.

To mark an end to the CLASSIC in it’s original shape and proportions, I felt I had to follow my first idea: It was a vision of efficient technological architecture and architectural balance.

Thus the CLASSIC DATE is a nod to all the scientific equipment in which analog numerical displays has been used. In the past, inventors and constructors sought for optimized display and ease of reading. This came to define the essence of a true instrument. Alternating colors, usually red and black, contributed to the legibility of mechanical calculators, recorders and counters. This sort of display was also extensively used on the first electrical and electronical machines.

Displaying the date on a CLASSIC would mean that I had to integrate the new information in a legible and harmonious way. In that sense, the window located at 6 hours follows proportion, symmetry and general balance of the original model. I made the window as big as possible to optimize the size of the number font. A mirror-polished beveling, entirely made by hand, enlightens the window, guides the eye and creates a sharp contrast with the brushed dial. The display of half of the previous number, and half of the next, as well as alternating colors, allow for a fast and efficient reading of the date.

The Classic Date was entirely crafted by me, the traditional way. The specific characteristics we decided together make this watch a unique piece and I will ensure it says so.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy wearing the CLASSIC DATE.    


Best regards,

Vianney Halter

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