Voutilainen Masterpiece 7

    Building further on the mechanical concepts already presented in the ‘Decimal Minute Repeater’ caliber, which strikes hours, 10 minute intervals and minutes, this new creation presents additional concepts built to the requests of a private client.

    The new Masterpiece retains the clear and easily readable seconds placement at 6 o’clock of the previous Masterpiece, now however a 24-hour indicator for a second time zone has been added at 12 o’clock. The day and night dials of this indicator are engraved with stylized sun and moon figures in 18 carat yellow and white gold. The mechanism is actuated simply via the crown; by pushing it in a short, clearly tangible distance, the second time zone advances forward one hour.

    The movement, case and dial have been executed without the slightest compromise, as can be expected from the Voutilainen atelier. The hand made, engine turned dial of 18-carat rose gold has two contrasting fields and the case is entirely manufactured by hand using 18 th century methods. This provides beautiful visual results and is also one of the keys to insuring the full sonority of the 2 gongs.

    Movement :Decimal minute repeater with GMT function
    Balance :Variable inertia balance wheel with 18-carat gold internal weights and adjustment screws and Breguet-Phillips hairspring
    Jewels :33
    Hands :Rose gold
    Dial :18-carat gold, engine turned dial, finished in white eggshell with applied numerals
    Movement size :ø 30.00 mm
    Case size :ø 39.50 mm
    Additionals :Case back engraved with theme from the "7 Daughters of Atlas"