Andersen Geneve World Tempus Terrae with Aquamarine Sapphire

    In 2022, ANDERSEN Genève unveiled two exquisite additions to its revered Tempus Terrae Worldtime collection. Among these, the Aquamarine Sapphire Edition emerges as a beacon of modern classicism, seamlessly integrating an in-house Worldtime module with unparalleled elegance. This edition is distinguished by its captivating bezel, meticulously set with 36 flawless blue baguette Aquamarine gemstones, summing up to a breathtaking total of 2.25 carats. Encased in a white gold framework, the watch boasts distinctive ‘broken’ lugs and dual crowns—a homage to the legendary watchmaker Louis Cottier.

    Every aspect of the case undergoes a painstaking hand-polishing process, ensuring a finish that mirrors the brand’s commitment to excellence. The heart of the watch, a central dial crafted from ANDERSEN Genève’s signature BlueGold, features a hand-engraved Tapisserie guilloché motif, further testament to the brand’s artisanal prowess. Adding a personal touch, collectors are offered the opportunity to customize the back cover with a special scene, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

    This Aquamarine Sapphire Edition continues ANDERSEN Genève’s legacy of sophisticated Worldtime watches, a tradition cherished since 1990. It stands not just as a timepiece, but as a masterpiece of horological art, offering collectors a blend of history, innovation, and personalization.

    Movement :High quality automatic AS historic movement upgraded by Andersen Genève with time zones complication module developed in the atelier
    Dial :Multi-part, with one rotating ring displaying 24 hours’ time zones with day/night coloration in dark blue and silvery white metal
    Case :White gold with Aquamarine Sapphire
    Diameter/Height :39mm / 9.0mm
    Hands :“A” Andersen shaped in brushed white gold
    Jewels :17
    Functions :Hours, minutes, world time
    Power Reserve :40 Hours