Andersen Geneve World Tempus Terrae – 5th Edition of Worldtime Watch

    In 1884 the visionary Sandford Flemming invented in Washington the 24 timezones that are used to tell time on earth. In 1930 Mr. Louis Cottier, a watchmaker from Carouge in Geneva, developed a complication for pocket watches to display multiple timezones. This complication was introduced on a wristwatch by Mr. Cottier in 1950. Mr. ANDERSEN has been servicing watches with this complication while working at Patek Philippe in the “Atelier des grandes complications” in the 70’s (he spent 9 years at Patek Philippe).

    In 1990 ANDERSEN Genève presented its 1st Edition of Worldtime watch – the “Communication” – commemorating the 1st Worldtime wristwatch produced by Mr. Cottier. The module developed and assembled by ANDERSEN Genève gives an easy way to read the time all around the world, without pushing buttons or turning crowns.

    The 2nd, 3rd and 4th following Editions were called “Christophorus Colombus”, “Mundus” and “1884“in 2004.

    In 2015 the 5th edition of Worldtime watch – the “Tempus Terrae”- commemorates the first Worldtime wristwatch with two crowns developed by Louis Cottier in the 50’s; one of the most beautiful Worldtime watch ever created. Mr. Cottier was so successful that he made Worldtime watches for Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and even Rolex.

    The timezones indication has been continually optimised since ANDERSEN Genève’s first Worldtime watch 25 years ago, in 1990.

    The Tempus Terrae “25 th Anniversary” is proposed in a limited edition of 25 pieces in yellow gold (2N), 25 in red gold (5N) and 25 in white gold.

    This exceptional timepiece celebrates 25 years (1990-2015) of Worldtime Watches with indication of different timezones by ANDERSEN Genève.

    Watch collectors are offered the choice to have a special scene engraved on the back cover of the watch, making their “Tempus Terrae” unique.

    Movement :High quality automatic AS historic movement upgraded by Andersen Genève with time zones complication module developed in the atelier
    Dial :Multi-part, with one rotating ring displaying 24 hours’ time zones with day/night coloration in dark blue and silvery white metal
    Case :Yellow (2N), red (5N) and white gold with hunter case back
    Diameter/Height :39mm / 9.0mm
    Hands :“A” Andersen shaped in brushed 18ct yellow (2N), red (5N) or white gold
    Jewels :17
    Functions :Hours, minutes, world time
    Power Reserve :40 Hours
    Strap :Hand-stitched alligator leather in black, brown or grey, with 18ct buckle or 18ct fold-over clasp in yellow (2N), red (5N) or white gold