Andreas Strehler Papillon – A Living Organism

    The Papillon represents Andreas Strehler’s own interpretation of an emotional watch movement. The aim was to create a movement that was a living organism.

    When seeing the Papillon for the first time, besides the bridge in the form of a butterfly, one particularly notices the large central gear wheel. Upon closer inspection of the gear train, one notices further that there are only two gear wheels whose movement is barely visible. A seconds-wheel with its fast revolution is completely missing.

    When implementing his design ideas, Andreas Stehler not only wanted to create a movement like a natural, living organism. By omitting the “hectic” second and the reduction to only two wheels, the movement has an even more delicate aspect.

    The relatively low frequency of only 18’000 A/h is the classical frequency for watches and was chosen by Andreas Strehler in line with his idea of a steady, quiet and organic watch.

    Andreas Strehler sees his movements not as cold, technical machines but as living organisms whose elegance invite one to see and feel the time and the mechanics that generate it. The Papillon plays with the aesthetics of time without respect to the conventions of an easily readable display of the time. It is possible to regard the cosmos of a Papillon as a mere mechanical marvel, the only function of which is to fascinate.

    Movement :Mechanical, manual winding
    Case :Material: palladium white gold 88g
    Dial :2 toothed sapphire wheels, for hours and minutes
    Strap :Black alligator with tang buckle in white gold