Andreas Strehler Sauterelle – Regulated Energy

    For the first time in a wristwatch, Andreas Strehler offers a mechanical solution which filters nearly all technical and mechanical factors impeding the escapement. The constant and linear supply of energy to the balance is the ideal in watchmaking. It is the basis for precision.

    To achieve this aim and to get at the same time a solid basis for future complications, Andreas Strehler was looking for a solution to completely uncouple the escapement from the gear train.

    To do this would ensure that the escapement is not influenced by what is happening upstream, i.e. in the gear train. The intended device should be of compact dimensions, guarantee a permanent (i.e. long-lasting) constant amplitude. Further, the solution to be found should be a universal one; this means it ideally should work independently of the frequency of the escapement. This would enable Andreas Strehler to use the device on any future movement he would be designing.

    Conventionally, the complication known in watchmaking as force constante is mounted on the escapement wheel. However, this is the point of least torque in the whole movement.

    By contrast, Andreas Strehler has placed his remontoir d’égalité on the seconds wheel. Every second, the visible satellite gear supplies the escapement wheel with exactly the same amount of energy. At the same time, the deadbeat or jumping seconds are indicated. The energy is accumulated in the course of every second by a star shaped satellite through the tensioning of a hairspring. The mechanism is then released, the balance receives the energy stored in the hairspring and the satellite wheel again rests against the stopping jewel.

    This solution has the advantage that the complete escapement, including the escapement wheel, moves freely between two impulses, uninfluenced by the movement.

    The remontoir d’égalité, therefore leaves the Swiss anchor escapement unimpeded; an escapement type perfected over a period of more than 200 years.

    With the remontoir d’égalité, Andreas Strehler concentrates on the elimination of outside factors: Fluctuations in the supply of energy, flaws in the gear train (uneven discharge of the spring, uneven running of the gear train or the wheels actuating the hands) and variations in temperature (viscosity of lubricants) are filtered by the remontoir d’égalité.

    Movement :Calibre Sauterelle, hand winding: 156 parts, frequency 3Hz / 21’600 A/h, 32.0 x 30.0 mm, height 5.9 mm, 25 jewels, patented remontoir d’égalité, double main spring barrel, edges bevelled and polished by hand, fully decorated movement.
    Case :18 K red gold (colour: 5N) or platinum. Dimension: width 41 mm, overall length 47.20 mm, height 10 mm
    Dial :Silver / sapphire
    Strap :hand-sewn alligator leather strap
    Buckle :Buckle made from 18 K red gold