Strehler Sirna by Andreas Strehler

    Renowned independent watchmaker Andreas Strehler has just launched his new brand, simply called “Strehler”. Through his latest endeavor, he will be able to share his passion for high-end watchmaking with a broader audience by offering more widely available creations.

    With Sirna, the first creation of the brand, Strehler focuses on the essentials, injecting uncompromising ethos into an elegant three-hander. Indeed, the initial inspiration for the Sirna model was to encapsulate the creator’s philosophy, watchmaking expertise and exquisite craftsmanship into a simple daily watch. The idea was also to create a watch that will stand the test of time and that can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

    “My starting point has been to create an elegant daily wearer, a beautiful three-hand watch, asserting a distinctive, timeless yet modern personality… To me, the Sirna represents watchmaking in its purest form. Naturally, behind its apparent simplicity, I wanted the Sirna to be technically very intricate and refined. Most importantly, it is entirely crafted in our own workshop in Sirnach.

    Movement :Automatic
    Case :40mm, Medical-grade stainless steel
    Dial :Titanium, machined, laser engraved, polished by hand and anodised in blue with proprietary pattern circular-brushed stainless steel chapter ring, designed with Eric Giroud
    Hands :Hand-polished stainless steel
    Buckle :Pin buckle in steel