Andreas Strehler Time Shadow in Steel

    Eight watches for Andreas Strehler’s eight’s movement.

    For his eight’s movement to appear in a watch bearing his name, (for other brands, he has designed and constructed many more), Andreas Strehler has designed a watch limited to eight pieces.

    The indication of the watches is reduced to the two basic indications of hours and minutes, but with a twist.

    The hours are indicated by a black rotating disc, black like the eight ball in the eponymous billiards game. This hour disc turns around a smaller disc displaying the typical Andreas Strehler butterfly logo, finished in wire-cut.

    The hour is shown by the cut-out numeral which wanders over an orange luminous dot. This disc is, in fact, a large gear wheel, linked to the visible gear wheel of the minute hand. This minute hand also has two luminous inlays.

    The minute hand wheel thus directly drives the hour disc. The two gear wheels together form a lying eight which is also the mathematical sign for infinity.

    The movement, as usual specifically designed for the watch, is finished in grainage, the edges of the figure eight shaped bridge with its eight corners are hand-bevelled and are polished by hand. Its 5/8- bridge is designed to emphasise several specific features of Andreas Strehler watches: The escapement designed by Andreas Strehler, the true conical gear wheels of the winding mechanism and the large, elegant minute wheel.

    The rarely found grainage-finishing of the main plate with its fine and rich texture is difficult to adequately reproduce by photography. At the same time technical and warm, it represents the solidity of the construction without taking away from the fineness of handcrafted watchmaking. This surface is difficult to achieve and no mistakes or scratches can be re-polished.

    The dial of the Andreas Strehler Time Shadow is finished in matt grey, so called blackor to correspond with the grainage main plate of movement.

    For the first time, Andreas Strehler has used stainless steel for a case to match the more technical aspect of the dial.

    Movement :Hand winding, 132 parts, frequency 3 Hz / 21‘600 A/h, 32.0 x 30.0 mm, height 5.9 mm, 20 jewels, double main spring barrel, edges bevelled and polished by hand, decorated movement with ¾ bridge
    Case :Stainless steel, 41.00 x 37.30 mm (43.40 x 47.20 mm including the crown and lugs)
    Dial :Matt grey coated with orange Superluminova dot
    Hands :Polished steel hand, Superluminova filled
    Strap :Hand-sewn alligator leather strap
    Buckle :Made from stainless steel, matching the case