Andreas Strehler Trans-Axial Tourbillon

    In his quest for perfection, Andreas Strehler has designed, constructed and built a movement where internal influences on the already pretty linear power supply from the epicyclically limited twin mainspring barrels is filtered through a Remontoir d’égalité and transferred to a Tourbillon escapement mounted on the same axis to eliminate the influence of gravity on the escapement.

    Voilà the Trans-axial® Remontoir Tourbillon.

    The Trans-axial® Remontoir Tourbillon escapement is hand wound, using Andreas Strehler’s own true conical gear wheels (which are the envy of the watch industry).

    To show the power left in the two mainspring barrels, the movement has a power reserve indication using an extremely small differential gear, another speciality of Andreas Strehler

    Regulated Energy: The Remontoir d’égalité

    In Andres Strehler’s Remontoir d’égalité, the energy supplied from the twin mainspring barrels through the gear train is accumulated in a spring, acting on a satellite arm held in position by the star wheel (the satellite). One tooth of this star wheel is resting on the palette-stone of the palette arm.

    This palette arm constantly moves ahead. Every second, the palette arm releases the star wheel. The star wheel turns by one tooth and the satellite arm jumps ahead by 6°. The satellite wheel then rests again against the palette-stone and the cycle starts anew.

    When moving ahead by 6°, the satellite arm recharges the spring which drives the escapement. The amount of energy transferred to the escapement thus is always the same, it is constant. The energy is transferred to the escapement through an axis.

    In the press: Orologi Di Classe, The Watchmakers Club, Monochrome Watches, Deployant, Quill & Pad, Time and Watches

    Impulse :Double main spring barrel, energy regulated by a remontoir d’égalité
    Case :Three 18k gold bridges, Central Main Plate and bridges are decorated to the highest standards, edges bevelled and polished by hand, fully decorated movement
    Dial :swiss lever escapement designed by Andreas Strehler
    Hands :Free-Sprung balance with Breguet overcoil and eight adjustment screws
    Plates and bridges :37, 3 gold chatons
    Number of individual parts :250
    Power reserve :78 h, limited by a differential stop works
    Functions :Hour, minute, small jumping second, constant force, Tourbillon, power reserve indication (micro differential gear train)
    Winding-mechanism :Hand winding with conical gear wheels