Vianney Halter Anniversary Limited Edition of 20 Pieces’

    Attaining the age of 20 is a significant step for any human. It is the passage to new, broader horizons, awareness and mindset.

    Vianney Halter has been doing watches bearing his name for 20 years now. To celebrate the occasion, he crafted 20 pieces of a new special model. It is a tribute to the earlier Classic, a porthole offering a glimpse into his watchmaker’s world.

    To make it different and more modern, he adapted the proportions and used surgical implant steel in contrast with the previous pieces that were made in gold. This is the first time Vianney made a watch from steel and this will remain exceptional. Finally, he dressed it up with a personally autographed sterling silver dial. In order to highlight this special occasion and create a link between the 20 owners of the Anniversary, he inserted a fragment of an encrypted message on each of the 20 mass rotors. He devised this message so that it could only be deciphered when shared between the owners. By wearing this watch, they share his adventure.

    When thinking of the Anniversary concept, it came clearly to him that he had to work with people he had affinities with. This is the reason why he chose to source the movement from a friend and fellow AHCI member.

    The special features of the Anniversary are an opportunity for him to reflect this symbolic transition and the evolution in his horological approach.

    Functions :hour, minute, second
    Size :38 x 9,5 mm
    Material :Stainless steel and 18 Kt gold rivets
    Movement :U30A
    Balance frequency :21’600 v.p.h.
    Jewelling :30 rubies
    Winding :automatic, fitted with the patented VH „mystery mass“ winding rotor
    Power reserve :56 hours
    Total weight :75 gr