Vianney Halter Antiqua Relic Of The Future Past

    In 1998, Vianney Halter presented a creation that caused a stir in the watchmaking world: the Antiqua, his first watch. The watch was immediately dubbed as a relic from the future and his design was widely considered avant-garde.

    A watch from the future. Albeit not ours, but the future as it could have evolved from the Victorian era. A future inspired by Jules Vernes and H.G. Wells.

    This piece was designed as a embodiement of the spirit of the marine chronometers, linking antique time instruments to the contemporary collector’s wrist. 

    As a testimony to horological tradition, the Antiqua features a very classical complication: the perpetual calendar, with a peculiar geometry that lends this piece a quircky style. For ideal readability, the Antiqua’s complete calendar informations are split between 4 riveted portholes. Following order of decreasing diameter, one can read: hour&minutes, month/leap year, day of the week and finally the date.

    Each dial is made in noble metal, embellished and hand-engraved.
    The case itself is built out of nearly 130 parts (including 104 rivets), each part being refinished and decorated by hand.
    These complex and very thorough aesthetics are a reflection of the exceptional mechanism they enclose.

    Another nod to watchmaking tradition is the « mysterious » mass rotor conceived by Vianney Halter. There is no visible part between the peripherical rotating mass and the caliber center. This poetic invention allows a full untroubled view on the VH198 in-house calibre as if it were a simple hand-wound movement.

    Read the review done by WatchTime magazine ME of our piece

    Name :ANTIQUA
    Type :Perpetual Calendar
    Functions :hour, minute, date, day, month, leap year cycle
    Size :40 x 40 x 11,3 mm
    Material :White gold
    Movement :in-house developed
    Calibre :VH198
    Balance frequency :28’800 v.p.h.
    Components :approx. 450 including 130 for the casing only
    Jewelling :43 rubies
    Winding :automatic, fitted with the patented VH „mystery mass“ winding rotor
    Power Reserve :35 hours
    Total weight :approx. 100 gr