Voutilainen Observatoire

    Timekeeping was once a domain dedicated to the achievement of pure accuracy, and to this end, so-called ‘Observatory watches’ were created. These watches were not particularly finely finished to the naked eye, but what they did have was exceptional accuracy concerning all the important technical areas of movement production.

    The surfaces of pinions and wheels were completely true and highly polished and with exceptionally even tolerances; springs were pre-tested and hand chosen, the dimensions of shafts and bearings perfectly realized. Watches such as these, created solely for accuracy and nothing else, are capable of a mean accuracy of only tenths of a second per week, something virtually unheard of in present day mechanical watchmaking.

    As chance would have it, Kari Voutilainen had a stroke of luck, and found several movements, which had never been assembled after being fabricated. He made the decision to create a very limited series of wristwatches using theses remarkable Peseux base calibers. Each movement has been technically adjusted and tested before being finished with hand anglage and perlage to bring it to the highest levels of visual finish possible.

    Collection :Timepieces
    Movement :Peseux 260 ébauche
    Balance :Glycydur, free sprung
    Jewels :21
    Hands :Gold and steel
    Dial :Gold, guilloché, silvered
    Movement size :30.00 mm
    Case size :38.00 mm
    Additionals :Awarded Grand Prix d’Horologerie de Genève 2007